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Wednesday, 02 December 2009 19:00

Intimate and Interactive With David Homyk

2009 December 3

By Angella

Not long ago, Jeanne was fortunate to come across the music of David Homyk and had the chance to get to know him better thanks to Twitter. She then introduced me to David and his music (you might even recognize him from a few T.V. shows!). Right away, I knew he’d be a great fit for Daily Grommet.

Today we’re thrilled to be hosting David on the Daily Grommet blog , and he’s even offered to give a few of our lucky commenters a copy of his album, True Story!

Daily Grommet’s Interview with David Homyk:


Ok, let’s start with an easy one: Tell us what instruments you play?

I play guitar, piano, saxophone, bass guitar, and I’m a singer (the voice is my favorite “instrument!”) Most importantly, though, I’m a record producer. This means that if I happen to imagine the texture of a new instrument within the soundscape of an as yet unrecorded song, I’ll tinker with that particular instrument until I can play it.

When did you first realize you would be a musician – and how did you get your start?

On Christmas day when I was three years old, my dad recorded an interview with me and my brother … He started the tape, spoke into the microphone, and then passed the microphone to us. After a few questions I asked him to play the tape back. When I heard myself speaking, my first thought was “We need to rerecord that, I can make it sound better this time.” This was the dawn of my fascination and obsession with recording.

At age eight I got my first boom box. I had already been taking piano lessons for one year and was now composing and recording my own songs. I learned to dub tracks in and somewhat multi-track on tapes, but by the time I had picked up the saxophone, guitar, bass guitar, and had been writing and singing, I needed more equipment to produce myself playing all the various instruments as well as singing multiple parts on the recordings of my songs. I purchased and learned to use a professional multi-track analog studio recorder.

I recorded my songs and ultimately got them on local radio. At this point, not only was I a singer-songwriter, but a seasoned record producer. I took a cappella tracks of Beyoncé songs; just her voice, and produced rich and very sophisticated pop symphonies underneath them which rivaled the original radio productions. This ultimately let to a meeting and eventual business relationship with Matthew Knowles, Beyoncé’s father, who quickly started throwing other projects at me, capitalizing on my composition and production skills. It was a lot of work but that’s when I really “cut my teeth,” as they call it.

Who are you inspired by?

Ironically, the artists who have made the biggest impact on my life and who have shaped my choice to become an artist tend to sound little like me at all. In no particular order: Nirvana, Pink Floyd, John Coltrane, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Led Zeppelin, Mobb Deep, Nas, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Portishead, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and The Doors.

What’s currently playing on your ipod?


I’m listening to Parachute’s new album “Loosing Sleep,” which is an absolutely excellent record in every aspect; writing, performance, composition, and production. I’m also listening to The Mars Volta, Ne-Yo, John Mayer, Elliott Smith, Peter Bjorn and John, Ashlee Simpson, Mat Kearney, I’m From Barcelona, Uncle Kracker, Evanescence, Lil Wayne, The All-American Rejects, Buddy Holly, Mary J. Blige, Jason Mraz, The Midnight Appointment, OneRepublic, Daddy Yankee, Drake, audio recordings of Eckhart Tolle, Soulja Boy, Clipse, Bellringer, Colbie Caillat, Mastodon, and Yael Mayer.


Do you write all of your own lyrics/music. If so, do you find the process to be easy or difficult for you?

Yes, I write and compose all of my own lyrics and music. On a good day it’s almost effortless. The process can be better understood as a creative experience that’s coming through me, rather than my own arduous pursuit of, and determination to create, something outside of me. The difficulty, however, often lies in the highly specialized art of engineering and producing a hit recording which, unlike writing and composing, comprises myriad tedious steps and formulas.

Who would you collaborate with if you could choose anyone – dead or alive?

I know I would certainly have very fruitful and productive collaborations with Lil Wayne, Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat, Amy Lee, Lupe Fiasco, Sara Bareilles, Miley Cyrus, Jo-Jo, and Taylor Swift. And I would jump at the opportunity to collaborate with John Coltrane or Jimi Hendrix if they were alive today.

What other interests do you pursue in life other than music? Do you have any other hobbies that you enjoy?

I love hiking, long boarding, rollerblading, skiing, TV acting, and being young in NYC if that counts as a “hobby” – haha!

I’m also avidly into recycling, energy efficiency, and environmental protection. In fact I look forward to endorsing innovative products of that particular ilk, namely environmentally concerned grommets; “Green Grommets.”

What’s your favorite thing about social media? Do you tweet? Or is social media just something you have to do?

I love the luxury of being able to connect personally with exponentially more fans and the ability to have many small conversations with fans. The old paradigm of the music industry sequestered the artist behind a veil of mass media produced layer, which exacerbated the feeling of disconnect between artist and fan. Now the long lost element of human connection between artist and fan has returned through the ever developing efficiency with which those connections, even with the most popular artists, can be made.

I use Twitter, and I tweet about real life here in NYC or on the road. I’m on the daytime TV show “All My Children” and tweet behind the scenes happenings. I go on “The Tyra Banks Show” from time to time and tweet about what’s going on off camera. Things such as what happened coming out of an important meeting, what’s going on behind stage at one of my shows, and even more personal details can be unveiled for the world with the push of a button. And to all “Daily Grommet” readers, I’m looking forward to speaking with you here as well. Hope you’ll follow me and say hello:

About your current album – what’s the story you want to leave behind?

My current album is called “True Story,” which details real events in my life which were fertile enough to give birth to a wealth of songwriting, often leaving me in despondent situations of complete loss and heartbreak, as well as situations of ineffable joy, where totally relinquishing attachment to all worry and expectation created a crack in my psyche where all the circuits went haywire and infinite light came pouring through.

Buy the True Story album on
Download the album on iTunes.

You’re working on a new album; do you have anything exciting that you want to share about it?

The themes of this upcoming record span everything from how the human spirit can prevail in the face of maximum and unforeseeable adversity, to progressive and forward-thinking relationship dynamics of the twenty-first century. I’m aiming at a formal release Spring 2010 and will keep you updated!



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